Tower Bridge
Imperial War Museum
Spiral (1 of 1)
Lonely Tree
Lonely boat
Old timbers
Two boats mono
Slow water
The pilot cottages - Ynys Llanddwyn
Ynys Lladdwyn Mono
What a summer!
Up the junction
Trefor Pier
Towards the Cheshire Plains
The Yr Eifl granite quarry
The Drum house
The drowning of a sign post
The bleakness of the quarries
That's a mystery to me!
Terracotta Warrior B&W jpg
Talacre image 1
Talacre evening sun
Quiet harbour, sleeping boats
Pothmadog Version 2
Norwegian Idyll
Natural light
Lower Great Street terrace
Freight train
Dinorwig Slate Quarry
Dinorwig Goat
Departure from Portmadog
Conwy from the walls
60163 Tornado Mono
7029 Clun Castle Mono
Crewe Mono
Cwm Eilir Isaf